When a web moves through the entire printing process, it should not get wrinkled or stretched along the way. This will resolve in unusable material, and to avoid this the web must maintain an optimum tension. The processes vary so multiple tension control options are necessary to fit the needs of any application.   The

Do you carry a larger variety of packaging materials such as boxes and flexible films for your production lines? Are you having problems with waste from pre-printed package materials no longer useful? Then you would be able to save costs and reduce time-to-market using inline printing.   It is a challenge to manage inventory of

The output signal of an I/P converter makes it easy to detect electrical failure signal in the device. An I/P converter translates the analog output from a control system into a precise, repeatable pressure. It changes a current signal to a pressure signal. I/P converters are complex circuits, which allow adjustable flow volumes. They provide

Problems with speed in your production?

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You don’t need to buy a new machine; you just need to update it. OWECON is your total supplier of all components of tension measurement and control systems, for all kinds of industries. Production is the core of many companies’ turnover, and it needs to have a perfect flow. But like any electronic equipment, the

Optimum Web Control

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We supplies advanced systems and components for all types of industrial production making use of web tension. We offer: Electronics                                                                      

Owecon: Your optimization partner

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We are a modern manufacturing and engineering company with an extended cooperation with selected suppliers world-wide, enabling us to offer a wide range of own products and services in the absolutely world class.   Our competencies Process competencies: Curing poor roll quality by managing the web tension Curing bad or fluctuating production by optimization of