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OWECON OWB 250-300-400


OWB250-400 Caliper Brakes with and without cooling fan

The OWECON OWB250-300-400 Series of caliper brakes represents the power beast among all the brake types produced at OWECON. They come into play when a brake system is needed that features outstanding and top class characteristics.

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Most powerful brake system

The OWECON OWB caliper brakes are used as the braking force to control web tension in unwind application. Applying a flexible torque configuration up to 4392 Newton Meters, our caliper brakes are truly one of a kind. Although they constitute the muscleman among all the other pneumatic brakes, the OWECON OWB series comes in handy sizes in order to fit modern machine environments.

Depending on the type, our caliper brakes range from 310mm (OWB250) to 460mm (OWB400) in terms of height and from 187mm (OWB250) to 195mm (OWB400) in relation to thickness. These dimensions make the OWECON OWB series easy to install and maintain. At the same time, they are compatible with all other OWECON components as well as most of third-party controllers.

Excellent heat dissipation and cooling

Being able to apply a brake force higher than most conventional brakes, our caliper brakes are supported by an electric cooling fan integrated within the system. This module grants excellent performance without overheating.

Caliper Brakes Product Features

  • High performance, excellent heat dissipation
  • Compact industrial design - small dimensions, large application range
  • Flexible torque configuration, range up to 4392 Nm
  • Easy to integrate, designed to fit modern machine environment
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Cost / Performance effective – “as little as possible, as much as necessary”
  • Produced and supported by OWECON – unmatched customer service and quality

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