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OWECON OWB 250P - 300P - 350P



The “P” in the OWECON OWB250P-300P-350P Series of pneumatic brakes stands for POWER - and rightly so. They constitute a strong set of brakes within the OWECON product line and are called into action when conventional brakes fail.

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Up to 1.500 Nm Torque

Our power brakes are able to slow down or stop unwind under simultaneous heat dissipation. OWECON provides the user with a brake system that has the ability to apply precise brake control at range up to 1.500 Newton Meters of torque. When designing our power brakes, we are aware of the safety component and we therefor decided to develop brake systems that can easily be integrated with safety chucks. This way, we ensure safety for employees, material and equipment.

Direct fit on machine frame

Installation and application of OWECON´s OWB250P-300P-350P Series could not be any easier. Our power brake comes as a complete unit. This superior design facilitates a simple installation and direct fit on the machine frame. Consequently, OWB250P-300P-350P power brakes are easy to maintain. Being supported by OWECON, we can ensure high performance and a long life span.

  • Excellent brake force under high heat dissipation
  • Range up to 1.500 Nm
  • Designed for integration with safety chucks
  • Designed to fit directly on machine frame
  • Easy to maintain
  • Produced and supported by OWECON.

Installation animation OWB300P08


Pneumatic Brake OWB300P08


Pneumatic Brake OWB300P08:
PDF_file_iconSTP_file  DWG_fil

Pneumatic Brake OWB300P08 with cover:
PDF_file_iconSTP_file DWG_fil

Pneumatic Brake OWB300P08 with fan:
PDF_file_iconSTP_file  DWG_fil


Pneumatic Brake OWB300P on Boschert STW30-40


Pneumatic Brake OWB300P on Boschert STW30-40:
PDF_file_iconSTP_file  DWG_fil

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