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OWECON OWB 250T - 300T - 350T



Each type of our brakes is designed to meet special purposes in the production process. The OWECON OWB250T-300T-350T Series tension control brakes are particularly suitable for unwind solutions where high heat dissipation is needed, such as the paper, foil and converting industry.

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Twice the power – twice the performance

Our double disc brake features all the qualities of the 250D-300D-350D pneumatic disc brake. Other than its “smaller brother”, the OWB250T-300T-350T tension brakes are characterized by a double disc construction for excellent brake control in web tension. This attribute allows for twice the power application and makes the OWECON´s tension control brake an even more reliable component for industrial production processes.

Quick installation

For a quick and simple installation of the tension brake, all you need to do is drilling a couple of wholes in the mounting surface. Attach the stud and put the tension brake on it. Tighten the screws and start making use of this powerful brake. Its compact design allows for very flexible application of the whole double disc brake component.

Tension Control Brake Product Features

  • 2x disc construction for higher brake force
  • Application in processes with high heat dissipation
  • Compact industrial design
  • Flexible torque configuration
  • Designed for integration with safety chucks
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Developed and manufactured by OWECON

Installation animation OWB350T16


Double disc brake OWB250T



Tension Brake OWB350T08

OWB350T08 Tension brake_2


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