Roll Handling Equipment

OWECON works with SCHLUMPF - one of the best supplier of roll handling equipment in the tension control industry. Together, we offer excellent solutions for roll handling and lifting. Proper material handling improves workplace security and grants the needed protection your employees need when working with heavy rolls & shafts. Simultaneously, modern equipment increases loading-, transportation- or lifting speed. Roll handling equipment is hence an effective method for production and process optimization. OWECON offers Below the Hook Lifting Devices and Electric Roll Turner to maximize the outcome of your business.

below the hook lifting device

Vertical Roll Lifters or Below the Hook Lifting Devices operate as a link between lifting device and the load to be lifted. They are called into action when goods are too heavy or sensitive for conventional lifting.
That is why Vertical Roll Lifters are perfect for the paper, foil or packing industry.

Manual Roll Turner

Manual Roll Turners from SCHLUMPF are used for manual lifting and rotating of rolls and reels. A safe application allows for an unloading of rolls onto tables, roll carts or pallets. The MRT-Series comes in 3 different versions - providing the best fit for your business.

electric roll turner

Electric Roll Turners are perfectly balanced handling equipment that turns rolls to a precise horizontal or vertal position with the touch of a button. They are cost- and time effective assistants in the paper, foil & film industry where heavy rolls are an essential part of production and storring processes. The ERT-Series comes in 3 different versions.