Tension Sensing Rollers OWL500 Series Load Cell

The OWECON Loadcell tension rollers Type OWL500 Series is an all new designed load cell to meet todays demands of foil and paper converting machines. Featuring a unique beam design, it is a very long life product.

The OWL500 for two side mounting applications is available in 3 build sizes – each offering various load ratings.
The OWL500 Series cover a load range from 50N to 1.000N

  • Compact design with a clean closed surface
  • Twin Parallel Beam design
  • Built-in compensation for changes
  • Semiconductor or foil strain gauge
  • Overload ratings typical 200-500%
  • Industry standard M12 Connector
  • Produced and supported by OWECON.

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OWL5120 Rubber Roll

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