Owa Amplifier Series

With the OWA & OWI Amplifier Series, OWECON has been able to design an analog Load Cell Amplifier and Loading Indicator Box.

The OWA load cell amplifiers and OWI loading indicator boxes is high quality test equipment to indicate the web tension in all types of web processing machinery. Our amplifiers are particularly applicable in the paper, foil and converting industry.

High Compatibility & Flat Design

During our time as a supplier of advanced systems and components for industrial production, we have learned that mainly 2 features determine the quality of OWA Load Cell Amplifiers & OWI Loading Indicator Boxes: Compatibility and effective design.

Our analog load cell amplifiers and indicators are suitable for all types of standard load cells from OWECON or other manufacturers. Their flat and practical design makes them perfect for effective measurement and indication of web tension control.

OWA100 Series

Analogue Load Cell Amplifier


The OWA100 load cell amplifier series is designed to work with all types
of strain gauge based load cells.

Measuring method:  Wheatstone measuring bridge

Working range: 1 mV/V to 50 mV/V load cell signal

Power supply: 18-36V DC or 110-240V AC

Width: 22,5 mm for DIN rail mount

OWI Indicator Box Series

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OWA200 Series

Digital Load Cell Amplifier

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The new OWA200  digital load cell amplifier series is designed to meet all requirements of tension sensing within industries that is handling printing applications, converting, paper, foil, narrow web, labels, ribbon, wire and other weight systems.

Design features:
Transmitter – Receiver – Mini USB for setup – OLED Display – Scroll Up – Scroll Down – Menu – Enter

Features for input and output pleas read our Data Sheet

Data sheet

Download setup software

OWI100 Series

Analogue Load Cell Indicator Box


The OWI100 indicator boxes with a built-in load cell amplifier of the
OWA100 series gives the operator a clear analogue indication of the
current web tension.

The box is equipped with a standard 4-pole M12 connector for simple
installation of load cell cables.

Scale:  Standard 0-100%, other scales optional

Power supply: 18-36V DC or 110-240V AC

Dimensions: 180 x 140 x 75

Data sheet