Welcome to Owecon

We invite all new and old customers as well as suppliers to contact our team of competent employees, who would like to assist with their advice and guidance, and who are always interested in hearing what others can offer us.

Experience from solving complex problems for a wide variety of customers worldwide, has given our team the necessary knowledge and tools required to pick up the new challenges within web tension control.

We see ourselves more as an optimization partner than just another supplier in the market.


The company OWECON is a modern manufacturing and engineering company with an extended cooperation with selected suppliers world-wide, enabling us to offer a wide range of own products and services in the absolutely world class.

In addition to work targeting on providing a full covering product range, all product development tasks are focused on performance, ease of use and compactness.

Product development is regarded as a dynamic process in which the customers special requests, in addition to the existing product program, is regarded as innovative challenges, no submissions shall be deemed to be irrelevant.

The strategic choice to outsource production to competent suppliers enables OWECON always to have the latest and best technology available.

The organization consists of a group of very competent and dedicated employees who as team has shown its merits as a sparring partner and supplier, not least when the tasks are really complicated.

The total team’s long-standing industry experience and a high application know-how, makes OWECON a professional player, when companies decide to target to eliminate waste in the production process.

The name OWECON stands for Optimum Web Control, since the company’s product offering and service are primarily aimed at this industry but is not limited to this.


OWECON offers our services to customers. With a great deal of knowledge and experience, we offer a wide range of own products for an optimum web tension control.

OWECON is today known as total supplier of advanced systems and components for the industry.

In close cooperation with OEM customers, we are contributing with specific solutions and products, which raise the complete solution up among the best.

Process competences:

  • Curing poor roll quality by managing the web tension
  • Curing bad or fluctuating production quality by optimization of the web tension
  • Development of complete management solutions for production machines for printing, laminating, coating, embossing,rewinding/slitting, etc. of all current material webs
  • Experienced sparring partner in the design phase


  • Standard motorized drive systems
  • Advanced web tension controls with network communication and data logging
  • Upgrade of existing machines by replacement of web tension controls
  • Exchanging old brake systems with new, modern motor/brake solutions
  • Designing web tension solutions for new and existing production machines
  • Implementation of “flying splice” solutions for automatic roll change

It is a clear objective for OWECON, to facilitate our customers’ path to a better solution, by always being able to offer new, innovative products and system solutions.