The output signal of an I/P converter makes it easy to detect electrical failure signal in the device.

An I/P converter translates the analog output from a control system into a precise, repeatable pressure. It changes a current signal to a pressure signal.

I/P converters are complex circuits, which allow adjustable flow volumes. They provide flow/speed controls and directional control functions in a single valve.


No need for any external power supply

An I/P converter eliminates the need for any external power supply by translating electric currents into pneumatic output.

This means that the converter maximizes your production machine’s efficiency.

An I/P converter is beneficial in circuits that require many speeds, as they can operate efficiently in applications such as machine cycles.

An I/P converter’s function is to deliver a proportional downstream flow, based on the rate of electrical current that is received into the electrical circuit.


I/P converters from OWECON come in different dimensions, weights and ports, giving you the best possible solution.

Our products are characterized by excellent and precise results.


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