We supplies advanced systems and components for all types of industrial production making use of web tension.

We offer:

Electronics                                                                                   Modules                                             Drives 

OWC320_s                               Friction_Module_S1_s                          drives


Brakes                                                                                Load cells                                            Nip control 

brakes                               OWL112_50                                      nip control


Boschert                                                                                 Clutch 

VT-Chuck                         coupling


We offer a wide range of own products for optimum web tension control.


We believe a good service is based on three main elements:

  • Quick repair of an acute problem
  • Competent instructions for preventive maintenance
  • Analysis with the view for optimization of the system


We see ourselves more as an optimization partner than just another supplier in the market.


Contact OWECON today and you will be able to get advice on the choice of components, as well as whole systems for the handling of web tension.