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Set of OWB250D-350D Pneumatic disc Brakes

The OWECON OWB250D-300D-350D Series pneumatically controlled brake is a line of small pneumatic single disc brakes for unwind solutions. They are therefor ideal for standard industrial production processes making use of web tension.

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Produced & supported by OWECON

Our pneumatic brakes are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. This way, OWECON can guarantee best quality results throughout the whole supply chain. We are specialized in all kinds of components that belong to industrial production. Our experience and drive make us one of the best suppliers of pneumatic disc brakes for web tension systems.

Quick and simple application

The OWECON OWB250D-300D-350D pneumatic disc brakes are featured by high performance due to an industrial friendly design. Our pneumatic brakes are produced for the needs of modern and narrow web machinery. Their fast and simple installation make our OWB250D-300D-350D highly cost and time effective, especially in systems where flexible torque configuration is crucial for success.

OWECON warrants simple maintenance of our pneumatic disc brakes. With the proper servicing, our OWB250D-300D-350D series has a long life span, which makes them extremely performance effective. In order to ensure the necessary workplace safety, we have designed our brakes for integration with safety chucks.

Pneumatic Disc Brake Product Features

  • 1x disc construction
  • High performance
  • Compact industrial design
  • Flexible torque configuration
  • Designed for integration with safety chuck
  • Cost/Performance effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • Produced and supported by OWECON


Have a look at our detailed product data sheets below or contact us to get further information.

Installation animation OWB300D08

Installation animation OWB300D08 on Boschert STW30-40


Pneumatic Brake OWB250D06

OWB250D Pneumatic Disc Brake


Pneumatic Brake OWB250D06

OWB250D Pneumatic Disc Brake with cover

Download STP_file


Pneumatic Brake OWB250D
on Boschert SKW22-30

OWB250D Pneumatic Brake on Boschert SKW22-30 L

Download STP_file


Pneumatic Brake OWB250D
on Boschert SKW22-30 ESB

Download STP_file


Pneumatic Brake OWB250D
on Boschert SKW30-40

Download STP_file

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