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Below the Hook Lifting Devices from Schlumpf

3 excellent reasons for Vertical Roll Lifters

Increased safety, lower material damage and improved production speed are 3 outstanding reasons for an investment in Vertical Roll Lifters and below the hook devices from OWECON.

Work place security is an important issue that everyone needs to be aware of. The safety of your employees is priority #1. But so is the material you are processing with your business. In some cases, the material input constitutes 80% or more of the value of the final product. At the same time, you want your working processes to be timely and locally flexible, in order to grant best possible efficiency.

How do they work?

Vertical Roll Lifters or Below the Hook Lifting Devices operate as a link between lifting device and the load to be lifted. They are called into action when goods are too heavy or sensitive for conventional lifting.
That is why Vertical Roll Lifters are perfect for the paper, foil or packing industry.

Our Lifters allow for simple and quicker lifting & turning. In order to make your production processes more economic, Below the Hook Devices are easily operated by only 1 person and simply attached to standard hoist hooks. Vertical Roll Lifters from OWECON can lift up to 2.000kg and multiple rolls. Our products come in different types and versions for all needs.

If you are interested in a Below the Hook Lifting Devices, give us a call and we can make you an offer.

Vertical Roll Lifter 500 Video Demonstration

below the hook lifting device up to 1.000 kg

  •  Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
  •  Saftely lifts rolls by the core
  •  Fail safe gripper design Securely holds rolls
  •  Capacities to 2,200lbs (1.000 kg)
  •  Custom sizes USA-built - use our Quick Online RFQ

Vertical Roll Lifter - 1,000lb Capacity 3" or 6" Cores...

Vertical Roll Lifter with electric handling

VRL-1000-3C Mini Catalog

Vertical Roll Lifter - Interchangeable

Interchangeable below the hook device

VRL-2200 Mini Catalog

  • Interchangeable design for multiple core sizes
  • Mechanical and pneumatic options available
  • Flexible design allows for many lifting attachments
  • Capacities to 4,400lbs (2.000 kg)


Vertical Roll Lifter 500 - Manual Tilt Assist

Manual Tilt Assist for heavy lifting

VRL-500-TA Mini Catalog

Vertical Roll Lifters - Heavy Duty

Below the hook device for paper roll lifting

  • Automatic mechanical function holds rolls securely
  • No external power required
  • Custom lengths avaiable for lifting multiple rolls
  • Capacities to 4,400lbs (2.000 kg.)

Vertical Roll Lister 1000 - Manual Tilt Assist

Vertical Roll Lister up to 1.000 kg


Roll Handling Brochure

Roll Handling Custom Worksheet

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